Meet the Family

Eric Smith

VP of Operations

Eric describes himself as a thoughtful, detailed and patient Chesmarian. Eric is loved by his wife whom he has been married to since 1990, his son of 25 years, his mother in law and his dog Basco!

Eric is all about the outdoors, he likes to fish, hunt, go kayaking, canoeing, camping, woodworking and tinkering with his old truck. One of his biggest passions since the year of 2000 is being an adult leader for the Boy Scout Program. He enjoys watching the Dallas Cowboys and The Texas Aggies – where he graduated the year of 1984!

Eric’s favorite quote represents a Chesmar core value: “Do the right thing, it’s the right thing to do”

Eric is living his dream job currently. His plans revolve around retirement and traveling to see the entire country. He is interested to do a summer kayak/fishing trip every year until he no longer is physically capable of doing so. He would like to get involved with a local vocational school to encourage more people to enter the homebuilding industry.

Eric knows Chesmar Homes is special because we truly believe in our Core Values and The Mission Statement. Eric can agree that we strive to let those values guide every decision. The entire Chesmar Team feels like a great big happy family, and we enjoy inviting new members into our family: our homeowners, our vendors, and our contractors.