Meet the Family

Erin O’Brien

Marketing Coordinator

Erin O’Brien, a dynamic and intuitive individual, is celebrated for her humor, empathy, and creative spirit. Residing in Hutto with her best friend Caylee, Erin is the proud mother of 5-year-old Hadley and cherishes family, including her identical twin brothers who serve as police officers. Though her initial dream revolved around sports marketing, Erin’s ultimate fulfillment came through motherhood. She delights in exploring new places, attending concerts, and savoring diverse cuisines. Erin’s love for sports, especially football and baseball, is matched only by her sweet tooth for M&Ms. With a penchant for the timeless movie Titanic, a preference for the color pink, and a soundtrack of emo and alternative music, Erin’s life is a vibrant tapestry of laughter, love, and diverse interests.