Meet the Family

Hannah Montgomery

Marketing Coordinator

Hannah describes herself as a happy, goofy individual. Hannah has been happily married to her patient and loving husband since 2002. Together, they have two fur-babies – Roux, a small-bred yellow lab, and Mia Bella Monster “Spaz” Untrainable Montgomery, a year-old shih tzu. Outside of Chesmar, Hannah loves cooking, interior design, recipe testing and drinking wine! Oh and of course, meeting friends for happy hour!

Hannah’s favorite quote is, “Life is like a roller coaster…lots of ups and downs, and sometimes it can make us want to throw up. But we would never be able to appreciate the highs without the lows to weigh them against.”
When Hannah was younger, her dream was to become an obstetrician, but later discovered that is too much schoolin’!

Chesmar is special to Hannah because Chesmar cares! Chesmar cares about their associates and has created a family-like-fun-loving culture!