Meet the Family

Isaac Gonzales

New Home Consultant

Isaac describes himself as a family man, passionate, and caring. He is the baby of his family, with one older sister. He shares his life with his Siberian husky, and loves living in his Chesmar home! Outside of Chesmar, Isaac is passionate about basketball, especially the San Antonio Spurs. Isaac enjoys soaking in the Pearl District downtown, as well as going to car shows, and trying specialty coffees at local coffee shops.

Isaac’s favorite quote is, “When you keep searching for ways to change your situation for the better, you stand a chance of finding them. When you stop searching, assuming they can’t be found, you guarantee they won.”

A younger Isaac aspired to be a pilot and a NBA player. When asked what makes Chesmar special, Isaac says, “Hands down our people and the way we treat our customers, vendors, and employees! We do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.”