Meet the Family

Jacob Thompson

Construction Manager Trainee

Jacob Thompson, an Austin native, is a force of nature with an unyielding passion for the great outdoors. Raised amidst the sprawling landscapes of Texas, Jacob’s love for nature knows no bounds – anything that walks, flies, crawls, or dies isn’t safe from his keen sense of adventure. His wanderlust spirit finds solace in travel, seeking out new experiences and embracing the beauty of diverse landscapes around the globe.

When he’s not traversing the wilderness, Jacob can be found immersed in the pulsating energy of live concerts, where the rhythm of the music ignites his soul. Yet, amidst his adventures and escapades, Jacob’s heart belongs to his loyal canine companions, whom he cherishes and adores, spending cherished moments in their company. With a zest for life and an insatiable curiosity, Jacob Thompson embodies the spirit of exploration and connection with the world around him.