Meet the Family

Jazmin Alford

Design Coordinator

If Jazmin could describe herself in three words, she’d say fun, loving, and caring.

Jazmin’s mom is a schoolteacher at Morton Ranch Junior High, and her dad is a new home consultant for Chesmar Homes; a cherished member of the Chesmar family. Jazmin has a little brother who she has lovingly nicknamed “the Boy.” She also has a dog named Seven, and two turtles, Prince Leo and Donatello.

Jazmin has lots of hobbies: cosplaying, watching anime, reading manga, gaming, and watching Steelers games. However, she’s currently diving into her newfound passion for home design and learning everything she can to become a great designer.

Her favorite quote is “I’m not crazy, my reality is just different than yours,” from the iconic Cheshire Cat.

Growing up, Jazmin wanted to pursue her love of the mystical by being an Imagineer at Walt Disney World. Over the past three months, her creativity has inspired us here at Chesmar.

Jazmin’s favorite thing about Chesmar is the family culture. “I’ve only been here for four days and everyone has made me feel like I’ve been working here for years,” she says, “I have officially been “Nerfed” by Scott, and then told ‘Welcome to the family.’ LOL!”