Meet the Family

Ken Berny

Construction Manager

Ken describes himself as hardworking, determined, and honest. He and his wife Mary Ann have two children, Max and Sophia. They live in New Braunfels and love the small town feel and people. Outside of Chesmar, Ken enjoys hunting, fishing, paracord projects, watercolor and sketching, and reading. Ken also loves spending time with his family, striving to be the best father to his children and the best husband to his wife.

Ken’s favorite quote is, “Be well prepared, get comfortable being uncomfortable, and be all in, all of the time.” His other favorite quote is, “The only easy day was yesterday.”

A younger Ken wanted to be a cowboy. He was raised on a large ranch, and his father was and still is his idol. His father is the best cowboy Ken has ever seen. Ken has watched him ride horses, rope, work cattle and earn a living with the sweat of his brow. Ken’s father taught him what it meant to never quit at anything, that when things got tough, just work harder and press on. Ken believes in giving everything all of the time and at everything he does.

According to Ken, what makes Chesmar special is that in the many years he has spent working in construction, he has never experienced a work environment quite like Chesmar’s. Many of the core values mirror his own approach to life, and it is like having a second family. If someone is having a rough day, we lift each other up. Ken says, “It is a truly inspiring thing to be part of and Chesmar challenges you to be the best version of yourself not only at work, but at home, as well. It is nice to wake up to a job that you want to go to.”