Meet the Family

Kristen Cordell

Loan Officer

Introducing Kristen Cordell, the dynamic loan officer at CLM Mortgage in the heart of Austin. Kristen’s zest for life is exemplified in her favorite treats – chips and salsa paired with a spicy margarita, the perfect combo for a Texan with a passion for flavor. Her love for books knows no bounds, making reading one of her cherished pastimes. And when it comes to TV shows, she’s got a list of favorites, including “The Office,” “Gilmore Girls,” “Roseanne,” and “Friends.”

Kristen’s professional journey has been a blend of finance expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, having owned her own wedding photography business for five delightful years. Her outgoing, friendly, and talkative nature, combined with her infectious laugh, make her the life of any conversation, ensuring everyone feels welcomed. Kristen draws inspiration from her soulmate, a dedicated police officer, and together they have two wonderful boys with whom they love to explore the world. Their lives are further enriched by their beloved golden retriever, Cash. Kristen is a yoga enthusiast and a dedicated volunteer at The Dog Alliance, where she lends a helping hand to service dogs. Her mantra is all about spreading kindness and fun, striking a balance between hard work and not taking things too seriously. Kristen’s mission is simple – to bring joy to everyone she encounters.