Meet the Family

Lara Ingalsbe

New Home Consultant
Lara Ingalsbe, a seventh-generation Texan hailing proudly from South Austin, embodies the vibrant spirit of her homeland. A graduate of Wm B. Travis High School, where the Rebels’ legacy runs deep, Lara’s roots intertwine with the very fabric of her community. Her familial ties to Texas history are rich; her grandfather’s pivotal role as the foreman during the original construction of the LBJ Library serves as a testament to her heritage. For over five decades, Lara has called the Austin area home, nurturing a profound connection to its landscape and culture.

Beyond her urban upbringing, Lara’s affinity for the Texan countryside shines through her stewardship of a diverse menagerie. Over the past two decades, her family has cultivated a thriving farm, raising a multitude of animals including a 60-head goat herd, a 45-head sheep flock, alongside her cherished companions: four longhorns and three beloved hounds, fondly known as the Spice Girls. Through her deep-rooted Texan heritage and her commitment to rural life, Lara Ingalsbe exemplifies the enduring spirit of the Lone Star State.