Meet the Family

Leanne Sims

Chief Solutions Officer

Leanne describes herself as clever, loving, funny and loyal. She is an empty-nester that lives with her significant other and an 11 year old pit-bull, Hope. She also has a 22 year-old son, Ethan, who lives nearby and is her favorite person in the world. She is from Arizona, where she left her heart and has lived in Texas for about 20 years now.

Her parents and sister live in San Antonio and she frequently spends time there with them. She also enjoys being outside in the sunshine, Arizona Cardinals football, reviewing footage of the last touchdown of SB 43 (his right toe never touched the ground) and listening to personal growth podcasts. She is passionate about dogs, cake and the Arizona desert.

Leanne’s favorite quote is “Behind every successful woman is herself.”

When she was a child, Leanne wanted to be a bunny rabbit (seriously), a Solid Gold dancer or a veterinarian.

“I really love my N Title family – they are my tribe, my sisters! We are a group of hard-working, intelligent, passionate miracle-workers and I wouldn’t change a thing!”