Meet the Family

Leslie Waibel

Sales Coordinator
Leslie Waibel, a devoted mother of two sons, Craig and Cade, has deep roots in Texas, having been born and raised in Lake Jackson, the birthplace of Buc’ee’s. For the past 26 years, she has called Central Texas home, embracing its vibrant community and diverse landscapes. Leslie finds solace and joy in the great outdoors, where she often spends her leisure time, immersing herself in nature’s beauty.

An avid supporter of her sons’ endeavors, Leslie cherishes moments spent watching them play baseball, finding pride and fulfillment in their achievements on the field. Her fondness for the color army green reflects her appreciation for simplicity and resilience, while her eclectic taste in music spans from the nostalgic tunes of the 80s to the soulful melodies of country. With a heart as vast as the Texas sky, Leslie Waibel continues to find beauty and meaning in life’s simple pleasures, grounded in family, community, and the great outdoors.