Meet the Family

Linda Chrisman

Purchasing Manager

Linda Chrisman joined Chesmar Homes with a 10-year background in Purchasing and Operations Management in the home building industry. She is known for streamlining systems to result in smooth processes and excellent vendor partnerships.

When Linda was a child she wanted to grow up to be a mom. Now, she wants to grow up to be a grandma! Linda, her husband Patrick, and her son Cole love the outdoors. Much of their free time is spent camping, hiking, boating, dirt biking, and playing ball together.

Linda’s favorite quote is “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

Linda believes that the people are what make Chesmar great, and the principles that govern them. She says of Chesmar, “I believe in the leadership of Chesmar, the integrity filters down.” Linda is honest, reserved, optimistic, and a valued member of the Chesmar family, where her outlook and character align perfectly with the company’s “higher standards.”