Meet the Family

Martha Wilson

New Home Consultant

Born and raised in Michigan, Martha loves the snow…but prefers traveling to play in it. She brings years of award-winning experience to our team. Martha says, “I am so honored to be a part of such a group of exceptional professionals. In every department, Chesmar Homes has the best of the best! I am delighted to be with an organization that aligns with my personal core value-do the Right thing!”

Martha loves the outdoors, enjoys entertaining-particularly at the holidays and being creative in the kitchen. She loves to share her love of cooking with her less-experienced friends and often hosts “cooking 101” in her home. Martha loves to unwind from her hectic schedule at her favorite spa.

Martha especially enjoys coming home to her husband Bryan and daughter Madelyne, whom she regards as her greatest accomplishment…and a bevy of furry family members!