Meet the Family

Megan Mata

Construction Manager

Megan describes herself as adventurous, loyal, and accommodating. She and her husband, Jose, have two children and no pets. Although Megan was born and raised in Louisiana, she calls San Antonio her home. Outside of Chesmar, Megan’s favorite hobby is football and anything related to it. Her favorite team is the New Orleans Saints, followed by whichever team her son Tre’ is playing for. Megan also enjoys going to the movies and traveling. Megan is passionate about people. She loves hearing people’s stories – where they come from, where they are going, and everything in between.

Megan’s favorite quote is, “Not all who wander are lost.”

When Megan was younger, she wanted to be an attorney, then an accountant, then an interior decorator. When Megan finally did grow up, she decided to be a linguist in the United States Air Force. Now Megan is enjoying her most loved career of all, building beautiful homes for families.

To Megan, what makes Chesmar special is our commitment and passion for people.  Whether we are referring to employees, customers, contractors, or business partners, Chesmar is fully devoted to a great experience, higher standards, and long relationships.  Megan has never seen another company invest so much into its people.  Chesmar Homes is truly one of a kind!