Meet the Family

Melanie Deaton

New Home Consultant

For Melanie, selling homes is all about the smiles. Since she was a child, she wanted to be a performer, a mom and just really happy. Seems she has succeeded. If you spend any time with her you will learn all about her 5 amazing kids, Emma, Isaac, Seth, Mason, and Jane. Yes, it’s quite a crew but they run on fun, organized chaos, and of course, love. To finish out their pack they have 2 dogs, Obie and Dax.

Before she became a Chesmarian, Melanie was a cosmetologist, so she loves talking hair. Every now and then she still dabbles in it because of those clients who just won’t let her quit and her love for people just can’t tell them no! When she is not selling homes or doing hair Melanie enjoys being active and being with the people she enjoys most. Ziplining, kayaking, movies, park trips, eating out, or just about anything active, she loves it all!

Melanie describes herself as happy, friendly, enthusiastic, and deep. Her favorite quote is “Happiness is a choice.” When asked what makes Chesmar special she says “Chesmar is a 100% all the way kind of builder. From the way we build a house, the products we use, the way we treat people, all our philosophies, and even our meetings, there is no going halfway!”