Meet the Family

Melissa Arroyos

Customer Relations Administrator

Melissa describes herself as positive, fun, and energetic.  Melissa has a fiancé named Bobby and a son named Aaron Jr.  She has two older sons named Abel (AJ) and Aaron.  She has four amazing grandchildren that she loves to play gym class and go on imaginary journeys with.  Melissa also enjoys going on long distance runs and bike rides in her spare time.

Melissa has a Military and Law Enforcement background.  She is a Navy Veteran and will always respect those who have served.

A favorite quote of hers is: “Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway” – John Wayne.

When asked what makes Chesmar special? Melissa replied – “Chesmar lives by it’s motto and is family base.”  It is amazing to go to a workplace with happiness.  You get to enjoy your time at the workplace while you get the job done.  I am a proud Chesmarian!