Meet the Family

Morgan Hodge

Secondary Marketing

Simply put, Morgan is an adventurous, curious and empathetic person who is passionate about spending time with her loved ones. Raised in Tomball, TX Morgan now lives with her girlfriend and their six cats. Outside of Chesmar, she loves many things like reading thrillers, writing, antique shopping, and cooking/baking. Morgan also loves to be outside doing yard work and finding new local spots to visit.

As a child, she dreamt of growing up to be a veterinarian, criminal profiler, interior designer and a million other things! Morgan’s favorite quote is something a close loved told her “You are never stuck.” Lastly, she feels that the Chesmar culture and people are what make it so special. Morgan believes that “There’s such good energy here and the people make it an awesome place to work. Everyone is very supportive and willing to help you out and it never feels mundane.”