Meet the Family

Nathan Ginn

Construction Manager

Meet Nathan Ginn, the ultimate blend of bookworm, bonfire enthusiast, and fishing aficionado! When he’s not nose-deep in a gripping novel, you’ll find Nathan orchestrating cozy gatherings around the fire, surrounded by friends and family. There’s something magical about the crackling flames and shared stories that fuel Nathan’s passion for these laid-back moments.

But that’s not all – Nathan is a fishing fanatic! Whether it’s casting a line into a serene lake or sharing fishing tales with fellow enthusiasts, he finds peace and joy by the water. With a book in one hand, friends by the fire, and a fishing rod in the other, Nathan has perfected the art of balancing leisure and adventure. It’s safe to say that Nathan Ginn is living his best, fun-filled life, one page, one flame, and one fishing trip at a time!