Meet the Family

Nicole Lerma

Purchasing Administrator

Nicole Lerma exudes vibrancy, embracing life with a diverse palette of experiences and a compassionate heart. Her love for Asian cuisine, sushi, and pizza is complemented by sweet tea or a comforting chai latte with oat milk. From EDM to soulful R&B and rock music, her tastes vary widely. Alan Watts’ introspective works resonate deeply with her.

Her journey has seen diverse paths, navigating through different schools before earning her GED and exploring careers from data entry to massage therapy, which she discovered wasn’t her true calling. What distinguishes Nicole is her fervor for flow arts, particularly fire spinning with a hula hoop. With her husband, two sons, and playful dogs, they revel in practicing flow arts together.

Describing herself as empathetic, optimistic, dependable, and artistically inclined, Nicole values continuous growth and collaborative work. Painting serves as her creative outlet, echoing Alan Watts’ quote, “The only zen you’ll find on mountain tops is the zen you bring up there with you.” Her childhood dreams of photography and aiding special needs kids reflect her nurturing spirit. While new to the industry, Nicole’s passion for learning speaks volumes about her dedication. She cherishes Chesmar for its employee-centric approach, viewing home as wherever her beloved family gathers, fostering love and creativity.