Meet the Family

Noah Terrazas

Sales Manager

Noah Terrazas, a devoted boy and girl Dad, finds immense joy in the shared adventures with his children. Whether it’s exploring the great outdoors or engaging in heartwarming moments, Noah cherishes the journey of parenthood. His passion extends beyond family life, delving into the tranquility of saltwater fly fishing, where he discovers solace and excitement on the open waters.

A nature enthusiast at heart, Noah is a regular hiker in the breathtaking landscapes of Big Bend. The rugged beauty of this region serves as both a physical challenge and a source of inspiration for him. One of Noah’s most memorable experiences includes a remarkable encounter with penguins in Ushuaia, highlighting his adventurous spirit and love for wildlife. Alongside his global adventures, Noah’s heart was captured by a Kentucky gal, and their love story adds a touch of Southern charm to his diverse and fulfilling life.