Meet the Family

Rosemary Smith

Post Closing Processor

Rosy describes herself as caring, fun, and upbeat! She comes from a very large family and is the youngest of 11 kids! Today she shares her life with her husband, Steve, and their two daughters, Codi and Jaclyn. As a family, they enjoy the company of their two very sweet doggies; Bella and Axel. Rosy loves reading and spending time with her children. While her children are all grown up, Rosy cherishes the time she gets to spend with the both of them!

When she was a child, Rosy dreamt of a job where she could travel. Luckily, she married a military man so she was able to travel after all! Today, Rosy enjoys her work at N Title, and in her own words, “Working at N Title has been one of the highlights of my career. I have found a place that cares about its employees and goes the extra mile to let them know that they are appreciated. I could not ask for more!”