Meet the Family

Sanna Leigh

New Home Consultant

Sanna describes herself as compassionate, dedicated and a minimalist. Her and her fiancé, Alan, have two adorable schnauzers: Jonniecash and Jaxon Browne. They are 13-year-old litter mates and are fed homemade dog meals that Sanna prepares. Sanna and Alan both share a passion for helping families and individuals find a home that they can make special memories in.

Sanna is also very passionate about her good health. She looks to nutrition for everything a body needs and has a plant-based diet, no sugar and no processed foods. Away from Chesmar she enjoys spending time with her grandson, granddaughter, fiancé and family. The outdoors, beaches, traveling, and Costa Rica all rank high on Sanna’s list of favorite things that she enjoys.

A younger Sanna wanted to be an actress when she grew up but Chesmar is lucky to have her as their shining star! A favorite quote of hers is “Mama taught me I can.” When asked what makes Chesmar special Sanna says, “The true culture here of love and trust and to do the right thing. I felt loved right after my interview!”