Meet the Family

Shawn McInroe

Construction Manager

Shawn is an easy going, family oriented, hardworking Texan. He moved to the Austin area in 1997 and hasen’t left. He has worked in construction in some form or fashion for the majority of his life. When Shawn was young he wanted to be 2 things, a good husband and a father. He has accomplished this goal and has been married to his lovely and beautiful wife Chandra for over 12 years. Together they have 2 beautiful children, Dax and Dakota. In his free time, Shawn enjoys fishing and playing golf with his family as well as watching the kids play sports.

One of his favorite (well, most used) quotes is “Shut the door…were you raised in a barn?” Shawn feels like the people are what make Chesmar special and he is happy to be one of them.