Meet the Family

Tammy Beene

Sales & Closing Manager

Tammy describes herself as passionate, strong, and a rescuer. She was born on the same day as Elvis, which explains why she is such a big fan. Tammy has been collecting Elvis memorabilia for as long as she can remember and even has a dedicated “Elvis Room” in her home. She’s seen him live many times and he even winked and waved at her at the 1970 Houston Rodeo after he witnessed a woman push her out of the way to shake his hand.

Tammy calls Tomball home where she cares for her mother and provides for her three miniature schnauzers – Gage Zacharius, Madilyn Jane & Scruffy James. She is very passionate rescuing animals and teaching people that we are their voice and their protectors, nothing else, nothing less. As for hobbies Tammy enjoys reading, gardening and rescuing animals. Her favorite hangout spot is Cape Royal, Lake Livingston and you will find her cheering on all Texas teams, the Cowboys, Texans, and the Astros.

A favorite quote of Tammy’s is “A hundred years from now, it will not matter the sort of house I lived in, what my bank account was, or the car I drove…but the world may be different because I was important in the life of the animals and the creatures on this earth.”

832-253-0116 ext. 231