Meet the Family

Tana Thomasson

New Home Consultant

Tana describes herself as creative, energetic, and loyal. She shares her life with her husband, Roger, her son Graham, and their furry bundle of joy, Russo. Outside of work, Tana enjoys cooking, reading, drawing, and making stained glass. In fact, her family is her passion. Tana loves to go hiking, camping, playing basketball and traveling with her family. She also takes time to go to the park with her high energy dog.

Tana’s favorite quote is by William Shakespeare, “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

A younger Tana wanted to be an actress… or Julia Child.

When asked what makes Chesmar special, Tana says, “It is rare to find a company you are proud to work for every day. I love how Chesmar’s mission is to set a higher standard in everything they do. That includes how they treat everyone. It is a joy and privilege to stand behind these beautiful homes we have built and to form long lasting friendships with some of the excited new homeowners. Seeing people so happy in their new homes is a great thrill!”