Meet the Family

Yadira Estrada

Construction & Warranty Coordinator

Meet Yadira! When asked what three words describe her, she shared funny, determined & reliable. Yadira is the oldest of two. Her mom’s favorite even though she will not say it out loud! She has a four-legged son whose name is Prince. He loves cuddles & back scratches. She loves these as well, unfortunately, Prince isn’t good at either. A very special thing about her home is that it is filled with plants – they all have names and all are flourishing and thriving.

When not at work, some of Yadira’s absolute favorite hobbies include anything outdoors. Being active is a MUST which explains why she loves to workout & go running. She also loves books & Audible is one of her best friends. Yadira enjoys finding new, cute restaurants and places to visit around the city to hang out with her girlfriends. Any excuse to get dressed up & out of the house is good enough for them! Growing up Yardira wanted to be a teacher until she came to the realization that they have to put up with A LOT!

When asked what makes Chesmar special she said, “Chesmar is a special place because of all the people that are here. The connections and relationships you build are truly special. We are a family at the end of the day.”