The Legend of Chesmar

A long time ago, in another part of the world, there was a set of crossroads frequented by traders and merchants from faraway places where they would camp and trade with others from all over the land. One summer, a young couple, Chester and Maria, met, fell in love and married.

They decided to open an Inn and start a family at the crossroads. In honor of their marriage, they named their establishment “Chesmar Inn”. Once the Inn was open, the crossroads began to thrive.

More traders and families settled and opened shops and businesses of their own. The intersection became a village, which took the name Chesmar. Chesmar grew and became a very special place.

The village of Chesmar had one huge problem. There were not enough quality places for Chesmarians to live. Houses were generally made of straw. This method of construction created many problems for the homeowners.

First, there was a large population of wolves that were frequently seen around the town, and everyone knows what wolves can do to straw houses. Also, the roofs leaked during the rainy season, which made sleeping and eating difficult.

In addition, fires used during the winter months to heat the homes created a hazard for the straw houses. One winter, a small fire spread and burned down half of the village. The Chesmarians knew they had to do something. They loved their village and did not want to move. They just needed better housing.

The village council, realizing the problem, elected a new mayor known far and wide as Robert d’Builder. Mayor d’Builder was a master builder and knew how great quality homes should be built. He designed a system where wood replaced straw walls.

He knew how to produce bricks, which were used along with stone and other modern materials for the outside walls. Rooms were spacious. They were well designed and detailed for the different people who lived in Chesmar. Mayor d’Builder equipped kitchens for the modern family with all the latest appliances and gadgets. Lighting was ample and abundant. Special attention was placed on windows and natural light.

Energy efficiency was a top priority to help keep firewood cost to a minimum and to assure the comfort and safety of the inhabitants. Mayor d’Builder also made sure the home had lots of high quality extra features and had included everything so the citizens would not need to buy anything additional when they moved into their new home. He also developed a system for servicing the homeowners after the sale.

He helped in ‘setting a higher standard’ for homebuilding in Chesmar. Robert d’Builder brought quality, integrity, and reliability to all the homes he built in Chesmar. All the townspeople were Happy, Overjoyed, Merry, and Elated with their new CHESMAR HOME.

Because of the foresight of Mayor Robert d’Builder, the village of Chesmar grew and prospered, first into a town, and then into a city. Merchants from all around the globe came to trade with the Chesmarians. They took construction ideas that they saw in Chesmar and spread them to everyone all over the world.

It is in the spirit of Chesmar, that we proudly build homes for our friends.