3 Bathroom Trends You’re Going to Start Seeing Everywhere

3 Bathroom Trends You’re Going to Start Seeing Everywhere

3 Bathroom TrendsLike any other part of the home, bathrooms are influenced by the most popular design trends. There is a lot to consider when designing a stylish bathroom that meets all your needs in terms of style and function, from the layout to the colors, materials, accessories, and more. Whether you are remodeling a bathroom in your current home or looking for tips to guide you as you design your new one and you need a little inspiration, here are three bathroom trends you’re going to start seeing more of in the coming years:

1. Bigger Spaces

According to design experts, bathrooms are getting bigger and bigger, and the reason for that is simple: nowadays, bathrooms aren’t just for grooming, bathing, and hygiene anymore. Instead, they’re becoming the place in our homes for relaxation and comfort. Throughout the decades, the bathroom has evolved from a functional get-in-and-get-out space into a spa-like retreat where we’re spending more and more time than ever before. This means that bathrooms are receiving more and more space on floor plans these days.

2. Smart Bathrooms

These days, just about everything you can find in a home is getting automated and the bathroom is no exception as smart technology has also begun to enter this space. What used to be the most utilitarian room in the home now has toilets with nightlights and built-in seat warmers that self-clean and flush automatically. Other popular trends include automatic sinks and showers, heated towel racks, voice-activated lighting and temperature controls, mirror-integrated touchscreens, and built-in Bluetooth speaker systems. The possibilities are limitless, and who knows what else the future will bring?

3. Neutral Colors & Vintage Accessories

Depending on which interior design website or magazine you reference, you’ll be sure to find a multitude of trending color schemes for bathrooms. When it comes to selecting colors for your bathroom, you simply can’t go wrong with a neutral color palette. Nowadays our bathrooms have turned into spaces for relaxation and leisure, and what better to put you in a relaxing mood than soothing hues like creams, beiges, grays, and crisp whites. Bathroom design has also started to embrace vintage trends. Both stylish and chic, vintage accessories — such as mirrors, fixtures, and color-painted furniture — paired with modern fixtures and a combination of colors and patterns are becoming increasingly popular in bathroom design.

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