TikTok Moving Tips & Packing Hacks

TikTok Moving Tips & Packing Hacks

TikTok Moving Tips & Packing Hacks

It’s safe to say that TikTok has revolutionized social media over these past few years. Why do we love this platform? It’s quickly becoming a landing zone for life hacks, especially for homeowners like yourself who are in the process of packing up for a move. In this article, we’re sharing some of our favorite moving tips and packing hacks from TikTok, helping you take advantage of trends that are useful and borderline genius. 

Use Socks & Winter Gear to Cushion Breakables

There’s absolutely no need to buy styrofoam popcorn or other forms of insulation for your “fragile” boxes. Instead, use what you already have on hand! TikTok users have suggested using soft, bulky clothing items and bedding to pad your fragile items. For example, if you’re moving in the summer, you’ll have access to all of your winter gear—from scarves to fluffy socks. Try using your socks for glass cups and sweaters for layering plates!

Tape Drawers Closed

Clothes can take up a lot of valuable box space. One way to bypass this potential problem is to simply tape close the drawers of your dressers. While this might sound a little crazy, it works! This hack will save you time packing and unpacking; who doesn’t want that?

Pack a “First-Night” Box or Bag

Have you heard of packing an overnight bag or box of essentials for your move? This concept is fairly simple: Fill a box or bag with all of the things you’ll need for those first few weeks at your new home. This way, you’ll have easy access to everything you need in one, convenient location. Here’s a basic list to get you started:

  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • First aid kit
  • Bathroom supplies
  • PJs
  • Moving clothes
  • Scissors
  • Basic cleaning supplies
  • A roll of paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, etc.)

You can even toss in a bottle of wine to celebrate once you’ve settled in for the night. The point of this hack is to make your life easier during those initial days/weeks of unpacking, so fill it with whatever you think you’ll need. 

DIY Vacuum Sealed Bags

Bulky pillows, clothing, blankets, and other creature comforts often take up the most room in boxes. To maximize the usable space in your boxes and maybe cut down on a few during the packing process, try making your own space-saving vacuum-sealed bags. All you need is a plastic bag and a vacuum with a hose. Once your bag is full, hold it closed, insert the vacuum hose, and suck until all of the air is out of the bag. 

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