To Build or Not to Build—That Is the Question

To Build or Not to Build—That Is the Question

To Build or Not to Build—That Is the Question

Picture your dream home: a beautiful two-story residence complete with a backyard, front porch, and all of the amenities. This is not just your dream home, it’s your forever home—a haven that will serve as the backdrop to decades of memories. Is it possible to find such a home? Many homebuyers question the worth of building their dream home rather than gambling with the real estate market for an older home that almost checks off the boxes. If you find yourself with the same questions during your search, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re helping you navigate the pros and cons of investing in a new construction home rather than settling for a pre-owned fixer-upper. 

Building Your Dream Home From Scratch

Building your dream home is supposed to be an exciting experience! After all, you’re the one calling the shots and crafting a unique space that meets your every need. If you’re still on the fence about this big investment, here’s a comprehensive comparison:

The Pros

Well, for starters, building your own home means getting exactly what you want. You hold the magic wand; the only limit is your imagination. Investing in a new home also means benefiting from the latest in architectural advancements, including energy-efficient building mandates, trending layouts, and up-to-code engineering. You’ll also have some extra freedom when it comes to building in your dream location.

The Cons

Building a new home can be pricey, and with creative freedom comes great responsibility. What does this mean? Building your own home opens doors you may have never known were there in the first place. You’ll be faced with a lot of choices and final decisions, and that can quickly become overwhelming for even the most experienced contractors. It’s important to have a good support system throughout the building process, including a professional home builder that you can trust to guide you through those tricky moments. 

What About Taking the Middle Road?

We hope that the pros and cons list helped you in your decision, but we have one more option to throw into the mix: semi-custom, new construction homes. These homes are brand-new but they offer a streamlined version of the customization process. In short, these model homes are available in pre-approved layouts, which you can generally personalize to meet your aesthetic preferences. You’ll have the opportunity to choose a plan that best suits your needs and then make cosmetic adjustments to flush out the final design. This is the perfect option for homeowners who are ready to invest in a new home but not ready for the stress of starting from scratch. And the newly constructed model homes that Chesmar designs are no exception!

Are you interested in partnering with Chesmar for a newly constructed home? Reach out today! We build new model homes in master-planned communities throughout Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, and elsewhere in Central Texas!