What Are Ready-to-Build Homes?

What Are Ready-to-Build Homes?

What Are Ready-to-Build Homes?Options—as a homebuyer, you have them. In fact, nowhere in the mythical, home-buying guidelines does it say that new homeowners must be dragged through the tiresome process of finding and competing for a pre-existing home. Enter: new construction homes. While the option of building your own home may seem stressful, with the right home builder, it doesn’t have to be. Stick around as we take a closer look at the benefits of investing in a ready-to-build home and who you can partner with to build your dream home.

Ready, Set, Move

Let’s start with the basics by answering: What are ready-to-build homes? Simply put, and much as the name suggests, ready-to-build homes are a shell of architectural possibility. The construction plan for your new home—including the initial and nitty-gritty bits—is available, all you have to do it personalize it to work for your preferences. It’s that easy! By the time project completion rolls around, you’ll have a brand-new home that was designed specifically for you. Here are some of the top perks of investing in a ready-to-build home:


Building a home allows you to control virtually all of the aspects of the project, where all design elements and materials are fresh and new. In fact, customization is one of the biggest reasons why homeowners opt to build their own homes. At Chesmar Homes, our ready-to-build homes are available in a plethora of single-family layouts and are located in thriving, master-planned communities throughout major cities in Texas. Prospective homeowners will have the ability to personalize their new homes with regard to:

  • Wall color
  • Appliances
  • Kitchen layout
  • Flooring options
  • Fixtures

New Construction Homes

Energy Efficiency

Many older homes feature dated materials, appliances, and fixtures, resulting in a poorly insulated structure that often fails to live up to modern-day, energy efficiency standards. The cost of renovating these pre-existing home features can quickly add up. Whereas, the majority of ready-to-build homes already take energy efficiency into the design’s conception, typically using ENERGY STAR®-rated appliances and insulative building materials.

Designed to Meet Modern Building Codes

Age, in terms of architecture, can mean structural deterioration. This damage may not be visually apparent, sneaking up on unaware homeowners in the form of expensive repairs. By contrast, construction for new homes adheres to the latest regulations—ensuring that you benefit from a new home that is structurally sound.

The Chesmar Difference

Now, in order to truly benefit from all of the advantages that come from investing in ready-to-build homes, you need to partner with a reliable home builder. For present and future homebuyers in Texas, that home builder is Chesmar. Here, we construct dream homes in vibrant communities. And we have spent years perfecting our processes to ensure you benefit from a streamlined build that has your best interests in mind. To learn more about our ready-to-build and move-in-ready homes, contact us today! We build homes in communities throughout DallasAustinSan Antonio, and Houston.