What Is a Master Planned Community?

What Is a Master Planned Community?

What Is a Master Planned Community?As you hunt for your forever home, what should you prioritize? This is a big investment with a lot of moving parts (no pun intended), so it’s understandable to experience some brain farts as you enter the unknown market. Here’s something you should definitely consider when you create your home-buying priority list: location. While most properties can be altered to suit your preferences, location is something that can’t be tweaked—making it one of the most important considerations to keep in mind as you go through the process of finding and buying a home. From observing the surrounding neighborhood to weighing its proximity to the nearest city, pick a community before you pick a new house.

To avoid the anxiety of this decision-making process, narrow your search to master planned communities. Different from your traditional neighborhood, these divisions are cultural ecosystems where community values take center stage. Let’s take a closer look at these ideal neighborhoods.

The Better Investment

Wait, aren’t master planned communities just a fancy name for the suburbs? Nope! The modern master planned community is something much more worthy of your attention. These neighborhoods are planned down to the very last detail, ensuring all of the necessities are within a homeowner’s reach. Typically larger than your average neighborhood, these communities are centered around amenities—attracting homeowners who enjoy the same activities and interests. And, because everything in these communities is considered in advance, anything you could ever hope for in a location is within your proximity: retail, grocery stores, entertainment centers, gas stations, and more.

Single-Family Homes

The Magic of HOAs

When people hear “master planned community,” one of the first things that comes to mind is the Homeowner’s Association (HOA). These systems are not “impossible to deal with” or “ridiculously controlling,” as some rumors would have you believe. These myths only exaggerate a positive truth. Yes, HOAs do uphold certain rules regarding what you can and cannot do to your property. However, these rules are instated to better neighborhoods in the long haul—preventing unmanageable maintenance issues and stabilizing the neighborhood’s value. Many HOAs will actually help homeowners with their maintenance responsibilities like paint upkeep and lawn care. Best of all, most associations will work with you, not against you, when requests are made to personalize your home.

Chesmarian Communities

Chesmar is a home builder and community designer that proudly constructs stylish, functional single-family homes in master planned communities throughout the better part of Texas. Welcoming and designed with your best interests in mind, our communities are unique in that they offer something special for everyone—helping homeowners discover their perfect niche in an exciting city like HoustonDallasAustin, or San Antonio. From finding your dream home to moving in, you’ll work with a team of friendly professionals who have your best interests in mind. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to take full advantage of our on-site design center—readied with experts who can help you personalize your new home with design features such as flooring, countertop materials, and wall colors.

Reach out to Chesmar today to learn more about our master planned communities and model homes!