What Questions Should I Ask a Home Builder?

What Questions Should I Ask a Home Builder?

What Questions Should I Ask a Home Builder?Buying a new-construction home is a learning experience, especially for first-time homebuyers with little to no knowledge of the real-estate world. First, you should understand that hunting for a new-construction home is different than purchasing a typical lived-in home. And the best way to navigate this process is with a reliable home builder that is fully experienced. When it comes to finding and interviewing potential home builders, it’s important to be prepared by asking the right questions.

There is a method to asking your home builder the right questions, but before you start spouting newly learned vocabulary over the phone, make sure you schedule at least one or two in-person conferences with your home builder-to-be. These early meetings are your chance to ask all of your collected questions, gauge responses, and engage with follow-up questions. Don’t be shy during this interview—you are not bugging your interviewee! Buying a home is an important and life-changing process, one that you deserve to fully have control over.

To help you navigate what questions to ask, we’ve prepared a list of the top five questions to ask when hiring a home builder:

1. Do you only build homes based on your model home plans? What standard features do your homes include?

Some home builders, such as Chesmar Homes, build model homes that are strategically designed to have collective features. This design will not only improve the resale value of your home but also present an appealing aesthetic. For this reason, it’s a good idea to ask about the design restrictions for your new home. Keep in mind that while many features will be the same, you may have the opportunity to personalize your space with interior design elements such as:

  • Backsplashes
  • Countertops
  • Flooring types
  • Wall colors

2. How many years have you been in business? What are your accreditations?

The more experience your home builder has, the better! Home construction is an art form that requires a certain understanding of architectural trends and necessities. Looking for third-party accreditations is a great way to confirm the expertise and level of service offered by the home builder you’re reviewing.

3. Who will oversee my home’s construction?

Ensuring that a project manager will oversee the construction of your new home is a great way to establish an open line of communication. A home builder who doesn’t provide a well-structured team could affect the way you receive information in the future.

4. How and when will the final price for my home be determined?

Home BuilderIf you are new to the home-buying game, this question should be moved to the top of your list. Some home builders, like Chesmar, have a system in place that streamlines the finances of your home’s construction. This will greatly reduce the stress and pressure of filing paperwork in order to secure your home’s mortgage. Settling for a home builder that doesn’t offer this comprehensive service means more people and paperwork to deal with, and more time spent on red tape—three things every new homeowner could do without.

5. What type of home warranty do you offer?

Since purchasing a new-construction home is probably one of the biggest investments you’ll make, ensuring your purchase is well protected is a must! Check with your home builder to make sure that you receive all information concerning warranty protection. At Chesmar, our new homes are backed by warranties that provide workmanship coverage and protection against structural defects from the day of closing.

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