5 Benefits of Buying a Home in a Planned Community

5 Benefits of Buying a Home in a Planned Community

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime. When it comes to purchasing a home, there is a lot to consider, from the type of home — whether that be a single-family home, townhome, or condo — to the location, floor plan, and price. If you’re looking for a new home, you may have come across what is known as a “planned community.” A planned community is a residential development where the homes, roads, stores, and other features have been designed in such a way as to make living there as convenient and enjoyable as possible. For example, in a planned community, shopping centers may be deliberately positioned within walking distance, whereas a typical subdivision is less intentional.

Benefits of Buying a Home in a Planned CommunityMore and more homeowners — young and old — are turning to planned communities for the array of benefits they offer, including:

1. Premium Location

Planned communities are typically developed in sought-after locations that allow homeowners and their families to experience a convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable lifestyle. These communities are often in close proximity to the best shopping centers, supermarkets, schools, and many other conveniences that they can easily walk or drive to.

2. Scenic Views

In a planned community, residents are able to experience beautiful landscapes and scenic views, as the roadways and community areas — including parks, playgrounds, and walking/biking trails — have been designed for enhanced visual appeal and are meticulously cared for. In these communities, the landscaping is well-maintained and the streets are well-lit. Best of all, these communities are often designed to preserve the ecological system of the area, providing residents with relaxing views of nature to enjoy. Most people like to surround themselves with green spaces, and planned communities provide them with a place to call home that encourages them to get out, enjoy the fresh air, and get closer to nature.

3. Exceptional Amenities

Most planned communities have a variety of amenities that are available for residents to live an active, enjoyable lifestyle. These amenities include community swimming pools, exercise facilities, tennis courts, and walking/biking trails, as well as parks, picnic areas, and playgrounds.

4. High-Quality Homes

Planned communities are typically developed by top contractors with years of experience using high-quality materials and modern, innovative designs. Homes in planned communities are beautifully designed and expertly crafted.

5. Stabilized Value

Homes in planned communities won’t devalue other properties, unlike homes in other types of residential communities. That’s because most planned communities maintain the grounds, common areas, and amenities themselves and have guidelines for homeowners to follow for the upkeep of their residences. All of this helps to maintain the appearance of the entire community and can go a long way in improving curb appeal when it comes time to sell.

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