Top 5 Reasons to Buy a New Home

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Okay, we know we are a homebuilder. Of course, we’d play up the advantages of buying a new home versus a resale. Even so, there are plenty of proven reasons why considering buying a new home is the way to go. We’ve all read, know someone, or have personally experienced the pain and headaches of dealing with older home issues. If you’ve gone through this, you know how expensive and frustrating this could be, leaving you wishing you had a home with fewer problems. Here are top 5 reasons why a new home may be your best choice.

You Can Personalize It

We’ve all seen house hunting shows on TV. What happens in most of those programs? The new buyers are still not in love with their resale purchase. In fact, most of the popular shows focus on the remodeling component of their new purchase. During the renovation, they usually uncover unexpected issues and the cost of the project increases and increases. They lose time, money, and energy remodeling the home to bring it up to their standards.

When buying a new home, you make your personal selections before your home is built, saving you time, money, and energy. You get the freedom to personalize your new home your way. You can bring your vision to life and choose design options such as wall color, flooring, fixtures, backsplashes, etc., to make your home as special and unique as you.

Peace of Mind, Your New Home has a Warranty

Life has unexpected twists and turns, with some of the most expensive being home repairs. Stretch your budget further by buying a new home. With the purchase of a new Chesmar Home, you’ll rest assured knowing you’re covered under a warranty in the event something goes wrong. The best part is that we have a fully-staffed customer service department that is with you throughout every step of your warranty claims process, ensuring your issues are resolved without delay.

New Homes are Energy Efficient

Summers are hot. Summers in Texas are, well, REALLY hot. Texans know this all too well: the dreaded walk to the mailbox to pick up the electric bill during these hot months. Why? Well, because utility bills can double and even triple when temperatures soar. With new home construction, most of the homes are built with modern materials and appliances, dramatically reducing the cost of your monthly utilities. In fact, most homes come with energy certifications – making your wallet and the environment happy.

They’re Built for Modern Lifestyles

Whether you love to entertain or enjoy cooking while watching TV, the way your house is designed plays a big factor in how much enjoyment you get out of these activities. Older homes tend to have a “boxy” feel with walls separating the kitchen from the living room. New homes solve this issue and more! Modern, open floor plans keep you right in the middle of the party, in the loop on your favorite TV show, and give you enough line of sight to see your little one playing in the living room. The spacious designs of new homes go a long way to enhance the everyday comforts of living.

It’s Up to Code

Older homes were built to older building codes, and deterioration can make them potentially hazardous to inhabit. By contrast, new homes adhere to strict modern building codes. Code regulations change often, but homebuilders are aware of the latest regulations and build new homes accordingly. By having a new home that’s up to code, you and your family can focus on making memories while feeling safe.

My New Home Wishlist

Use the following checklist to help organize what’s most important in your new home into needs (can’t live without) and wishes (cool but might not fit in the budget). Print and bring this list with you when you visit with your New Home Consultant.