What to Expect with Chesmar

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Maybe it starts small – a few idle daydreams about what it would be like to have a place all your own. Or a better place to call home! Then, your daydreams turns to desire and the next thing you know you’re looking for a new home. Start your journey with Chesmar Homes, our enthusiastic associates will guide you every step of the way. Here’s what you can expect as you make your way from the starting line to the welcome mat.

Let’s Get Started!

Whether you know exactly what you want, or need a little inspiration, our beautifully appointed model show homes are the place to start. You’ll be able to pick your plan, choose your home site, and start your mortgage application process on the spot. Our professionals will assist you to personalize your plan options, cabinets, countertops, tile and flooring to reflect your own vibe with designer finishes. Once all your selections are finalized, we’ll carefully walk you through the contract for your new home.

Let the Build Begin

You’ll meet with your construction manager before the build starts to confirm all of the options you’ve selected. It’s understandable if your palms are a little sweaty when you shake hands at the end of this meeting. After all, the thing you’ve worked so hard for is about to start taking shape! Then it’s time for our construction team to roll up their sleeves and get to work. We’ll provide regular updates throughout the build. And, of course, you’ll be free to visit the construction site to get a first-hand look at the progress we’re making. While we build your new home, you’ll be working your way through the rest of your mortgage application process.

Your New Home Awaits

So close now! As the finishing touches are completed, you’ll attend an orientation meeting with your construction manager. Think of it as an owner’s manual review for your new home. A final walkthrough may leave you a little breathless as reality sinks in. This is the place you’ll soon call home! Time to set up the utilities – let there be light… and air conditioning, and water – and then it’s just a matter of closing on your mortgage. A few more signatures, a final round of handshakes and the keys to your new life are in your hands. Welcome to the Chesmar family. Welcome home!

Frequently Asked Questions

Remember the old advice our teachers used to give us about there being no such thing as a stupid question? At Chesmar Homes, we wholeheartedly agree. It’s only natural to have questions as you work your way through the home buying process. A lot of questions, actually. Here are a few of the ones we hear most often. If yours isn’t on this list, just pick up the phone and give us a call. One of our friendly associates will be happy to provide the answers you’re looking for.

Chesmar Homes has a variety of ways to help you personalize your home. Please contact the community New Home Consultant for any floorplan options.

Chesmar Homes is proud to have a design center located inside each model home, allowing you to select your options with the help of your New Home Consultant.

Absolutely not! Our New Home Consultants are in the model homes daily and will be happy to assist you in your new home experience.

Please submit all claims through your Home Profile.

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Please contact Customer Service for more information.

Of course! Chesmar proudly stands behind our work and welcome third-party inspections.

Our homes are built with pride and we set the highest standard in everything we do. Weather, house square footage, topography, and other factors come into play regarding our build time. Please contact us with your desired plan and we will gladly give you an approximation.

A quick move-in home is one that is already under construction with some homes available for immediate move-in. Depending on the progress of the home, you may still be able to personalize the move-in home.

Thank you for your interest in joining our family! Please visit our CAREERS section of the site to find out about our current job opportunities.

Home-Buying Checklist

Use this checklist as you work through the home-buying process with Chesmar, from deciding you want a new home and getting a mortgage to choosing your must-have amenities and picking up your keys on the day of closing. Now let’s get you into the home of your dreams.