The jewel of North Texas, Dallas is the core of the largest metropolitan area in the state, a nexus of history, commerce, culture, and Southern charm. With a deep living history of blues, country, cotton, railroad lines, architecture, and the kindest people on Earth, Dallas is both a great destination to visit and a perfect place to make a home. To the west is Fort Worth, “The City of Cowboys and Culture,” and the 16th largest city in the U.S. Enjoy shopping, dining, entertainment, and cultural arts in downtown Fort Worth, home to everything from world-class museums to cowboy cuisine. Together, Dallas and Fort Worth are the No. 1 tourist destination in Texas.

Dallas put itself on the map as the U.S. was still growing up with its oil and cotton industries, and as the highway system and train lines of our nation developed, it became one of the largest and most crucial inland ports in the country. As the country has grown, so has Dallas, becoming a multifaceted and refined urban center. Today, its bustling commerce, diverse and fascinating arts and culture, and world-class healthcare offerings make it a haven for young professionals, growing families, and those approaching retirement.

Sharing DFW International Airport with Dallas is Fort Worth, which is an easily accessible international and domestic vacation destination. In the late 19th century, it became an important trading post for cowboys at the end of the Chisholm Trail. Today, it’s a modern city, with international art institutions like the Kimbell Art Museum. The Fort Worth Stockyards are home to rodeos, the National Cowgirl Museum, and the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame.


Living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area combines an interesting mix of the old fashioned “cowboy life” with modern and trendy downtown areas. For those who enjoy a simple and laid-back lifestyle, Fort Worth can almost seem like a refreshing step back in time. Dallas, on the other hand, is a modern and vibrant city filled with a variety of bars, restaurants, and entertainment options. No matter what you are looking for, the Dallas/Fort Worth area is a great place for people of all ages and all walks of life.

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For those who are interested in history, stopping by The Sixth Floor Museum and Dealey Plaza – the location where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated – is a must. There are also a multitude of other highly rated museums to see. Looking for a taste of the Wild West? Then stop by the Fort Worth Stockyards Historic District for rodeo shows, line dancing, and cattle drives. Of course, living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you’ll be in the heart of Cowboys Nation. Nothing compares to seeing “America’s Team,” the Dallas Cowboys, play football at AT&T Stadium, one of the most technologically advanced sporting venues in the world.

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The Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex area has a well-established economy that continues to improve year after year. This area is home to 22 different Fortune 500 companies from a variety of different technological industries and holds roughly 43 percent of the state’s high-tech workers. The population is continuously growing, fostering new businesses and new job opportunities. With increasing job growth, salaries, and housing prices, this area is on the rise and is a great place for young professionals to start their careers and raise their families.

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