Among its other high-powered industries, from telecommunications to transportation, Dallas has emerged as a decisive leader in the field of healthcare. Home to a wide range of hospitals and medical facilities with a diverse range of specialties and areas of expertise, Dallas is the place to be for cutting-edge treatment, medical education and the best in new research and care.

Affordable healthcare

For citizens accessing healthcare, Dallas is a superb option — it’s the sixth least expensive state for personal health spending per capita, with the average cost of personal health spending at only $5,924. Dallas boats some incredible hospitals, from the Baylor hospital group to the Children’s Medical Center, Dallas residents have access to all-star care that’s affordable. Dallas also has a very high number of urgent care centers per capita, a number which is only growing, giving patients options for rapid, effective care that’s more affordable and with less of a wait than visiting the ER. Families dealing with chronic illness, raising young children who are likely to get into scrapes, or caring for elderly parents or relatives will appreciate the wide range of excellent options that Dallas provides for those looking for the right healthcare fit.

Dallas Healthcare Education

Dallas is a great destination for those interested in pursuing the health industry as well — nine medical schools call the city home, providing a world-class education as well as research and residency opportunities for students. Dallas is a hub for cutting-edge research, with clinical trial giants like Covance and KRK Medical Research conducting work in the area; it’s an exciting place to be for researchers, healthcare providers interested in the latest in new findings, and patients as well. Medical students and researchers can expand their horizons, network and learn from colleagues, challenge themselves with new work and educational environments while feeling confident that they can rely on the best in resources, mentorship and clinical data.

Healthcare and Job Growth

Even outside of doctors, nurses or researchers, the health industry is a huge mover and shaker when it comes to job growth in Dallas. As just one example, medical supplies and resources giant McKesson, the oldest and largest healthcare company in the US, is reportedly considering a move to Dallas in order to capitalize on its bustling healthcare industry. The Fortune 500 company will bring thousands of jobs to the Dallas area, and that’s just the beginning. From call centers to office jobs to medical offices to patient care and much more, the healthcare industry is the backbone supporting both the wellness of Dallas’s residents and providing a strong economic support for the region.