Fully Custom vs. Semi-Custom Luxury Homes

Fully Custom vs. Semi-Custom Luxury Homes

Fully Custom vs. Semi-Custom Luxury HomesDream homes require a lot more work than you might think, especially if you’re about to invest in a new construction home where you’re completely in charge of making your visions come to life. For those traveling down this path, you’ll come face to face with a crossroad that forces you to choose between a fully custom or semi-custom home. While both offer a lot of advantages, semi-custom homes are a win-win option for homeowners who want the ability to personalize their homes to an extent but don’t want to be involved in all of the home-building decisions.

Pure Chaos—AKA The Home-Building Process

Have you tried constructing a home? Not out of Lincoln Logs or Legos, we’re talking about a dream home. Apart from watching home improvement shows, most people have very little knowledge when it comes to architecture, interior design, and new construction layouts. For this reason, the home-building process can be overwhelming for homebuyers at any stage who decide to design their own home rather than hunt the local listings. These fully custom new construction homes offer many advantages, including complete personalization, so long as you have the right contractor. But even with expert guidance, designing your dream home is a big responsibility and not one that all individuals can handle. Why? Every decision—from construction to home layout and interior design—is yours to make. The better alternative for those who don’t want this architectural burden is a semi-custom home.

New Construction Homes in Texas

What is a Semi-Custom Home?

Semi-custom homes are still new construction homes, but the build is much more structured. With these homes, a contractor or home builder will help you select from a series of pre-designed home layouts and house styles. After selecting the bones and layout of your dream home, you’ll then have the opportunity to make minor aesthetic adjustments to the home’s design—personalizing it to suit your tastes.

Hello, Perks!

While semi-custom homes are not built completely from your own designs and concepts, they are still a reflection of your character and a great option for homebuyers who are ready to settle into their dream home. Other perks that come with choosing a semi-custom home include:

  • Fewer decisions. There are a lot of misconceptions about semi-custom homes. While you won’t have to start the home-building process from scratch, your home won’t be exactly like every other house on the block. It’s a more organized way to get what you want out of your new construction home.
  • Minimized cost. Since you’re selecting a model home from the builder’s wheelhouse, most of the items and features required for the construction are bought in bulk and materials are often pre-located.
  • Lowered chance of unexpected “uh-oh” moments. Fully custom homes can be liable for surprises in the form of plumbing and electrical mishaps. Since semi-custom homes are preplanned, these chances are a lot lower.
  • Quicker building time. Again, since semi-custom homes are models, the framework and layouts are already decided on before construction—providing you with a quicker build.

Chesmar Homes: The Best Kind of Semi-Custom Home

In the end, the most important decision you’ll make when purchasing a new construction home is who you partner with. And for Texans in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Central Texas, and Houston, that builder is Chesmar Homes. We build semi-custom homes in master-planned communities throughout prime-time Texas locations. To learn more about our home-building process, model home tours, and home layouts, give us a shout! When you choose Chesmar, you’re choosing family.