Decorative Touches

Little Decorative Touches That Can Have a Big Impact

Decorative Touches for Your New HomeNow that all the boxes have  been unpacked, the furniture arranged and rearranged, the pictures hung, and the cupboards stocked, you finally have the time to kick back and appreciate your new Chesmar home in all its splendor. Depending on which model you chose, you were able to personalize your new home with a plethora of options such as raised panel kitchen cabinets, decorative handrails, a drop-in garden tub, or even an elevator! The kids love it. Your spouse loves it. And now that everything is just the way you want it, it’s starting to feel like home.


That corner next to the mantel is just a little bare. It could use, well, something.  And now that you think about it, the wall over the sofa is crying out for a focal point to break up the grey. And wouldn’t a splash of color be great for the upstairs hallway? Of course, you’re not about to commit to some grandiose decorating project. It was exhausting enough getting to this point. On the other hand, if there were a few quick and easy ways to add those finishing decorative touches, you might be able to solve all these issues in a single weekend. Maybe even in a single afternoon.

The good news is that there are! Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Texture and color can be found in any material, and adding a concentrated burst of it can enliven any corner. While many homeowners think of potted plants and arts and crafts pieces to provide this, there are many other options that often go overlooked. An arrangement of colorful stones and minerals, for instance, can make a display that’s visually alluring and easy to assemble. Something as simple as a few softball-sized colored quartz pieces placed on a large plate can create an effect similar to a fruit arrangement on a kitchen counter. Metal is another often-overlooked decorative option. The blue-green sheen of a polished piece of aged copper provides a look like no other. Rust on an old weathervane adds character to folk art. Even a framed piece of barbed-wire fencing can become a thing of beauty in the right hands.

Use What You Already Have

Need something to draw the eye across a wall? Chances are you already have items in the back of a drawer or closet that will do nicely. How about that old eggbeater you couldn’t bear to part with?  When hung from a wall and paired with a ladle, oven mitt, and cutting board, it becomes a charming kitchen accent piece. Most of us have at least a few old cell phones lying around.  Why not gather them up, mount them on a cork background, add a frame and turn them into a kitschy-chic statement about the temporary nature of cutting-edge technology? Workshops and garages can also be treasure troves of repurposable items. From hand drills to tackle boxes, there’s almost always something that can be given new life with a little polish and creative thinking.

Stained Glass Wall ArtA Light Touch

Who said decorations have to be physical objects? The play of light and shadow can create striking effects without the need for elaborate displays. One way to achieve this is through projection. When a beam of light is shined across a wall after first passing through an object with interesting contours and open spaces, the results can be striking. And because the display in no way affects the wall, you can experiment all you want without the risk of damage. Try different light sources, light intensities, filters, and textures until you find one that creates a look that works for the room. From subtle to striking, there’s no limit to what’s possible.

Stained glass window hangings are another way of adding color and distinction in your home. Not only do they create a direct effect in and of themselves, but also a secondary display as the light passing through plays across a nearby perpendicular wall. As the sun progresses throughout the day, the colors moving along the adjacent surface provide an ever-changing ambiance that paints each moment with a unique brush. Just make sure you choose an eastward or westward facing window.

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