Preparing for a House Move

A House Move Doesn’t Have to be an Ordeal

The big day is getting close. It’s circled on your calendar and every night you put a big X through the just-finished day as part of the countdown. You’ve been watching your new Chesmar home take shape week by week, and it’s almost finished. Now the hard part. Moving. Ugh. But wait! It doesn’t have to be a tedious ordeal. With a little planning and a lot of preparation, you can greatly improve the odds of your relocation being a smooth move.

Eight Weeks Out

Preparing for a House MoveTwo months may seem a little early to start getting your things in order, but you’ll be thankful you began when you did. This is the time to rid your home of clutter. If you focus on one room or closet a day, it won’t be nearly as overwhelming as waiting to tackle the entire house in one hectic weekend. Donate any clothes you haven’t worn in ages. Old toys, broken appliances, and that battered recliner clawed to shreds by the cat? Gone, gone, and gone!

Once you’ve purged, take video and pictures of valuable items and write down important details like serial numbers, model types, and approximate values. You’ll be using this information throughout your move, so keep it handy. A detailed inventory will allow moving companies to give you a more accurate estimate for their services. It will also be vital if something is damaged or stolen in the move and you need to make an insurance claim.

Four Weeks Out

If you’re planning to hire professional movers, now’s the time to book them. Many companies offer discounts for scheduling early. If you’re planning on moving everything yourself – or reeling in friends and family to help – start hoarding boxes like a squirrel gathering nuts for the winter. The more you stash away the less you’ll have to buy. Supermarkets are a great source of boxes. So might be your place of work. And don’t be afraid to overstock your supply. It’s always better to have too many boxes than not enough. For DIYers, this would also be a good time to reserve a moving van if you need one.

You’ll also want to plan out how you’re going to get to your new home. If you’re flying, book your flight. If you’re driving, plot your route. This is particularly important if you’re going to be behind the wheel of a large, high-profile truck. In fact, if distance permits, actually drive the route beforehand, noting any potential issues such as tight corners and low overhangs. Many a novice truck driver has smashed up the top of their van because they weren’t paying attention to low branches and bridge overpasses. And, if your company is helping you pay for the move, talk to your HR representative to make sure you understand all of the documentation they’ll be expecting from you after the move.

One to Two Weeks Out

Forwarding MailTime to get down to the nitty gritty! Start making those calls to the utility companies about your pending move. Your current power provider will need to know when to close out your account, and your new provider (if different) will need to know when to turn on the power at your new home. Same with your water, phone, and internet providers. Notify the postal service so they can forward your mail to your new address. Also, update your information on any magazine subscriptions you may have.

A Tip for Packing Clothes

One way to save on space in your moving truck is to keep all of your clothes on the hangers and use a garment bag or clean trash bag. This helps reduce the number of boxes you need, keeps your clothes safe and accessible, and makes unpacking your clothes so much easier.

If you’ve been packing for the last month or so, you should be well on your way to finishing. As the boxes pile up, make sure you write at least a cursory description of what’s inside each so you’ll be able to quickly find the essentials once you’re in your new home. Bedding and cooking utensils are usually the two most-needed items upon arrival. And, let’s not forget the TV remote!

In addition to home essentials, make sure to pack a bag as if you’re going on a trip. A suitcase with a few comfortable outfits, toiletries, and important items like medication, license, and more can help make the days just before and after your move easy.

Why Chesmar?

Chesmar Homes was founded based on our passion for building not only quality homes but quality communities. We always say, we are just neighbors helping neighbors, and as such, here is our promise to our community:

  1. Provide a pleasurable buying experience
  2. Build a home of great quality and value
  3. Provide exceptional post-closing customer care
  4. Treat everyone with dignity and respect
  5. Do what we say we will do – our word is our bond

Moving to your new Chesmar home may not be your favorite part of the home buying experience, but once the furniture has been arranged, the boxes unpacked, the beds made, and the pictures hung, we’re sure you’ll agree it was well worth the effort. And, for those who are just starting the search for a new residence, why not contact a Chesmar representative today to learn more about the amazing homes we’re building in DallasAustinSan Antonio, or Houston? When you choose Chesmar, it’s always the right move.