Single Family Homes Houston, TX

Single-Family Homes in Houston, TX

Single Family Homes Houston, TXAs one of the biggest and most important purchases that you’ll make, a home should meet the bulk of your needs. However, it’s no secret for those currently searching the market that finding the perfect home is anything but easy. That’s where Chesmar Homes can help! We’ve reinvented the home-buying process, streamlining everything from the initial search for your forever home to the moment you sign on the dotted line. This higher standard is also reflected in our diverse selection of stylish and functionally designed single-family homes, located in desirable communities in Houston, Texas. In short, finding your home-sweet-home just got a whole lot easier.

What You Can Expect From a Chesmar Single-Family Home

Chesmar single-family homes are independent residences that are designed for—you guessed it—one family. Each property has a yard, unshared utilities, and unshared walls. Available in a range of contemporary floorplans, our model homes sport a similar look that can then be tweaked to best suit your aesthetic preferences. There’s also a design center in each model where experts can provide design guidance for the personal visualization that each homebuyer is looking for. For example, you’ll have the option of customizing:

  • Flooring
  • Wall colors
  • Kitchen layout
  • Fixtures

Homeowners will also benefit from a plethora of base-price features, including a covered outdoor living area, oversized kitchen island, energy-efficient components, and landscaping/sprinkler systems.

With our on-site design centers, transparent pricing, and community-centered mindset, Chesmar is constantly looking for ways to give back to our community. Contact us today to learn more about our single-family homes in Houston, TX.