Tips for Moving in Texas Summer Heat

Tips for Moving in Texas Summer Heat

Texas Moving TipsNative southerner or not, unless you’ve traveled to Texas in the dead of summer, you’ve likely never experienced this kind of heat before. And while moving is never fun, moving to Texas when the temperatures are at record-breaking heights is hell. Thankfully, there are ways that you can survive this scenario and Chesmar Homes is spilling the secrets. Here are our favorite tips for moving in the summer:

Make Sure Your Utilities Are On

Repeat after us: A/C is your friend. Set a reminder to turn on your electricity before moving day. Then, on moving day, head straight indoors before you touch any boxes to crank the air and turn on the fans. Not only will this make the process of transporting boxes indoors a little bit easier, but it will transform your home into a cool retreat for mini-breaks.

Dress the Part

Gym clothes that are lightweight and light-colored will help you stay somewhat cool while moving. Stay away from dark colors and heavy fabrics, even if they are considered summer attire. Most importantly, choose a supportive, close-toed shoe. And whatever you wear, be prepared to sweat!

Tips for Moving in Texas Summer Heat

Wake up, Sunshine!

You might consider becoming a morning person for a day if you are relocating in the summer. Why? The morning is typically cooler than any other time of day, especially when compared to the blistering afternoon sun. If you can, set your alarm for 7 a.m. and schedule breaks throughout the day to ensure you’re taking care of your body.

Stay Hydrated

You should always drink more fluids when the weather is hot, especially if you are lifting heavy boxes and staying active all day long. Try to sip water throughout the day—don’t wait until you’re thirsty—and have some electrolytes on deck for recovery. You should also consider eating balanced meals throughout the day to keep your energy supply high!

Slather on the Sunscreen & Bug Repellant

Applying sunscreen should already be a part of your morning ritual. If it’s not, start the habit on moving day! You’ll be exposing your body to a lot of direct sunlight, especially if you are outside during the afternoon. You’ll want to apply a strong SPF before you begin sweating and reapply after sweating.

Bring Heat-Sensitive Boxes in First

If you haven’t started packing yet, try to separate heat-sensitive belongings and remember to label the boxes. This can include any items that might melt, overheat, or break when exposed to a lot of heat. By bringing them inside first, you can help prevent damage.

We hope this list of tips helps make your Texas move a little more enjoyable. For more tricks, check out our blog! Chesmar Homes is a home builder that specializes in constructing new and move-in ready homes throughout Houston, San AntonioAustinDallas/Fort Worth, and elsewhere in Central Texas!